Affiliate Program

Hexupload offers 3 amazing plans for users who want to share their own files with friends and audience and make money through that.

Our affiliate plans:
Pay Per Download ( PPD )

You can make up to 40 $ when the others download your files.
Look at the countries table below to know how much money you can make by this plan per 1000 downloads.

Pay Per Sale ( PPS )

You can make a commission for every single sale you bring through your files or referrals link.
The commission is 60% for the initial sales and 50% for the rebills.


If you choose this plan you can get :
30% of your downloads (PPD1) + 30% of sales | 30% of rebills.

PPD1 Rates Per 1000 Downloads
Tier / Length 1-500 MB 500-1024 MB 1024-1500 MB 1500-2048 MB 2048-10000 MB 10000-* MB
Tier 1 $8$12$16$20$40
Tier 2 $4$8$10$12$20
Tier 3 $2$4$6$8$10
Tier 4 $1$2$3$4$5
  • Best Choice for Affiliates who need low download speed and more sales.
  • With this mode, Affiliates can earn decent money from sales/rebills
  • High Rates.
  • Fast Payments.
  • Files Deleted after 30 days without download (Free) and life time (Premium), active files will be stored for ever.
  • Max upload file size is 2GB (Free Users) 15 GB (Premium Users).
  • Max download file size is 2GB for Free Downloaders and 15 GB For Premium Users.
  • Only Unique Downloads will be counted.

PPD2 Rates Per 1000 Downloads/Streams
Size Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
1 MB - 6 GB $7 $4 $2 $0.5
  • Best Choice for free Download purposes (Free High Speed download for all).
  • Video Player and Streams will be supported on this plan. ( *NEW )
  • Number of ads are controllable by uploader, you can reduce ads if you like ( *NEW )
  • No Premium Account Needed for Downloaders, Completely Free.
  • Free High Download Speed for all users.
  • High Rates.
  • Fast Payments.
  • Files Deleted after 30 days without download, active files will be stored for ever.
  • Max upload file size is 10GB, this can be increased, please contact us if you need more.
  • Max download file size is 10GB for downloaders.
  • Only Unique Downloads will be counted.

Tier 1 United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia

Tier 2 Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands

Tier 3 Czech Republic, Japan, Norway, New Zealand, Spain, South Korea, Poland, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia

Tier 4 All other countries

Affiliate rules
  • You should have an account in Hexupload to join our affiliate program. If you don't have an account yet Sign Up now.
  • All affiliates must agree to and abide by the Hexupload General Terms and Conditions, Copyright Policy and Privacy Policy.
  • Profit rates for each 1000 download of your files.
  • We count every successful completed download.
  • We count one download from the same IP per 24 hours.
  • We don't count any download you make from your own files.
  • We have the right to ask you to provide information about your activity at any time.
  • You should not stop your traffic while your payout request is being processed.
  • We count downloads from all countries.
  • All kind of Legal adult content (like video, image, magazine) is allowed!
  • Any try to cheat or abuse our system will cause the account to be banned even without warning.
  • Protect your account information and don't share it with anyone.
  • You can change your affiliate plan once per week.
  • We reserve the right to make any change in any of our affiliate plans, at any time.
Payout rules:
  • We are not responsible if you entered incorrect payment details, we are unable to undo anything once it has been issued.
  • Payment charges will be deducted from user balance, if applicable.
  • You can withdraw your earning through : PayPal | Webmoney | Bitcoin (8% fee) ( Minimum payout : 50 $ ) | Litcoin | Payeer
  • Minimum Payout for BTC is $50.
  • Once your earning reaches the minimum payout limit you can use " request payout " button to request your money.
  • The payouts will be processed within 3 days, but it can take 7 days maximum after request.